Vehicle Service Contracts


Quality and Value You Can Count On

Consumers who purchase a vehicle want to experience reliability, comfort, and convenience. We provide Vehicle Service Contract programs for new and used vehicles that emphasize the benefits of the purchase and eliminate the worry of potential repair costs or inconveniences.

Protection and Comfort

Regardless of the product option, we provide a standard set of benefits providing added protection and comfort.

Consumer Needs Our Benefits
Security We have over 35 years of proven experience in the industry. We are vertically integrated. and Heritage Indemnity Company is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company
Value We provide a full range of Vehicle Service Contracts, from comprehensive exclusionary to stated component coverage options to meet every need.
Endurance If the covered vehicle is sold, the remaining contract coverage may be transferred to the new owner providing a higher resale value.
Safety We want consumers to feel safe while on the road. Our roadside assistance benefit provides you with 24/7 emergency roadside services, including lockouts, tire changes, jump starts, fluid delivery and towing.
Reliability We understand the reliance people have on vehicles. We provide reimbursement for car rental while the covered vehicle is being repaired.
Comfort We believe consumers should feel comfortable that they'll be taken care of, even when away from home. If the covered vehicle has a mechanical breakdown while far from home, we provide reimbursement for required lodging and meals.
Flexibility If it's not possible to bring the covered vehicle to the selling dealership for repairs, we offer the choice of using the licensed repair facility that is most convenient.
Simplicity With efficient customer focused processes and claims representatives averaging 15 years of industry experience, we provide quick and easy claims solutions online or over the phone.

For both new and preowned vehicles, we offer a wide range of mileage and term choices, along with a variety of coverage levels and deductible options, to fit nearly every driving, ownership and budget need.

Coverage Benefits
5 Star Comprehensive exclusionary coverage option providing ultimate protection for virtually every component and part in the vehicle.
4 Star Extensive stated coverage protecting the major assemblies in the vehicle.
3 Star Affordable programs designed to protect against costly repairs.
Star Cool/Star Fuel Essential coverage programs designed to protect individual components in the vehicle.
5 Star Wrap Supplemental coverage picking up where the manufacturer's warranty leaves off and providing a complete coverage solution.
Mileage Select Affordable protection against costly repairs for vehicles up to 15 model years back and up to 175,000 miles.